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Stunner Social is a boutique digital agency serving professional service firms, e-commerce, retail & brick-and-mortar shops, and government enterprises. Since it’s founding in 2017, Stunner Social has grown an international presence serving brands across the globe.

Combining stunning content, strategic targeting methods,  proprietary AI-driven lead generation technology, and dynamic web development, Stunner Social is able to create conversion traps that rival any other marketing system, setting you apart from your competitors and positioning your brand as a sales & thought leader in your industry.

Allow Stunner Social to be your partner in crafting a comprehensive, actionable marketing and development plan that serves as the catalyst for achieving the success required to take your business to the next level.

To your success,

Riah Gonzales-King


What we do


With years of understanding and expertise in website development, we give your business a place to call home on the internet. Stunner Social creates engaging websites with purposeful, punchy communication delivery and compelling call-to-actions. We adapt tried-and-tested methods to a website solution that is tailored to your business needs and objectives. 


Be found first, with the strategic use of keywords and phrases in paid search and social advertising sets. We identify the search terms and audiences that your target market is using on search engines and social media platforms, helping you to optimize your marketing budget, with increased return on investment.


Flaunt your expertise with digital marketing content that both informs and helps your audience, and establishes you as a leader in your industry. Our team of content creatives churn out client-centric copy, graphic and video content of the highest quality, that can be adapted to reach audiences across multiple platforms, from google search to social media. We help you to  establish street-cred with your market while building a bank of informative content that will continue to help old customer, and new, for years to come.


Reach far and wide with interactive social media campaigns. We help you to stay relevant and increase your marketing territory with social media campaigns that inspire targeted audiences to both respond and take action. More than hashtags and trends, we turn your social media presence into solid community of followers who actively seek to engage with your business, while helping you to boost your channels to new audiences too. 

Why Us?

Stunner Social was founded because our CEO, Riah Gonzales-King saw giant, expensive, and slow-to-adapt digital engagement agencies failing to meet the marketing needs of this next generation of marketing clients. That is why we’ve assembled a team of marketing experts, website development leaders, and dynamic creative professionals to deliver innovative solutions with the latest digital marketing technology and best practices.

We set out to establish a company that doesn’t only meet the current needs in the marketplace, but also consistently seeks to proactively address future needs of our clients. It is worth noting that Stunner Social actively develops our innovations with our clients, and takes their feedback seriously. We would love to work with you and all of your stakeholders to incorporate future ideas for implementation to exceed your current and future needs.


Throughout this project, the Stunner Social team will work with your team to achieve the perfect amount of collaboration that works for you. Whether you want a completely hands on experience, or a more hands off approach (where our team does the heavy lifting so your team can stay  focused on their day-to-day responsibilities), we are ready to establish collaboration standards that fit your needs.


We are passionate about helping our clients reach the next level. We offer flexible pricing to fit the goals of the client, and offer multiple options for payment schedules, processes, and more to give your project with us the highest possible ROI.


We teach the client’s team how to use the deliverables through a progressive handoff that keeps things manageable throughout every step of the process. We will collaborate with your team to establish clear, progressive deliverables for websites, application development, and other innovative marketing tools. That way, your team will always fully understand how to leverage your new digital resources in the near and long term.


Stunner Social maintains a vast network of digital and marketing professionals ready to apply their specific expertise to any project we manage. For every component of the work you need to achieve your marketing and engagement goals, we will have the perfect expert ready to dive in and develop a fully customized solution.

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