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Carlos Durana
About Us

As a licensed acupuncturist, clinical psychologist and counselor, my aim is to help you support and enhance wellness, and acquire the tools you need to find peace, happiness, and health. I have provided integrative, practical, and holistic services in acupuncture, body therapy, life/wellness coaching, and counseling since the 1980s, and have been cited twice in Washingtonian Magazine as being among the most highly regarded practitioners in my field. My background also incorporates Chinese herbal medicine, medical Qigong, meditation, stress management, exercise, and nutrition. I see you not as a set of symptoms, but as a whole person. I work with you to develop and support your inner self-regulating mechanisms that help rejuvenate and maintain harmony in your well-being and health.

In psychotherapy, I offer a caring, safe, and respectful environment to give you room to explore, address and work through problems, develop effective coping skills, gain new understanding, and help you broaden your potential for growth and wellness. In couples therapy and relationship counseling, I help you and your partner develop effective communication and conflict resolution skills, and relationship building blocks which can promote appreciation, respect, intimacy, satisfaction, mutual support, and affection.

My approaches are comprehensive and complementary, honoring the mind-body connection. I use a wide range of methods, focusing on skills that enhance the strengths that are already within you, to help you thrive and become successful in navigating life’s challenges.

For complementary medicine information, please visit  www.seasonsinourlife.com; for counseling and psychotherapy information, please visit www.caringapproach.com. You can also email me at carlosdurana@caringapproach.com.

Business Information

Business Phone : 202-308-3026
Business Email : carlosdurana@caringapproach.com
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